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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Nagpur Pincode / Post Office Search (NAGPUR, Maharashtra)

Nagpur GPO 440001NagpurMaharashtra
Ravi Nagar S.O 440001NagpurMaharashtra
Coal Estate S.O 440001NagpurMaharashtra
Nagpur City H.O 440002NagpurMaharashtra
Nayapura S.O 440002NagpurMaharashtra
Ajni S.O 440003NagpurMaharashtra
Imamwada S.O 440003NagpurMaharashtra
Bezonbagh S.O 440004NagpurMaharashtra
Kachore Nagar S.O 440005NagpurMaharashtra
Nagpur Airport S.O 440005NagpurMaharashtra
Seminary Hills S.O 440006NagpurMaharashtra
Vayusena Nagar S.O 440007NagpurMaharashtra
Bagadganj S.O 440008NagpurMaharashtra
Hanuman Nagar S.O 440009NagpurMaharashtra
Dighori Naka S.O 440009NagpurMaharashtra
Khare Town S.O 440010NagpurMaharashtra
Shankar Nagar S.O 440010NagpurMaharashtra
V R C E S.O 440010NagpurMaharashtra
Giripeth S.O 440010NagpurMaharashtra
Gokulpeth S.O 440010NagpurMaharashtra
Netaji Market S.O 440012NagpurMaharashtra
Sitabuldi S.O 440012NagpurMaharashtra
Dhantoli S.O 440012NagpurMaharashtra
Hitavada S.O 440012NagpurMaharashtra
Katolroad S.O 440013NagpurMaharashtra
Gittikhadan S.O 440013NagpurMaharashtra
Borgaon Road S.O 440013NagpurMaharashtra
Jaripatka S.O 440014NagpurMaharashtra
Samartha Nagar S.O 440015NagpurMaharashtra
Ganjipeth S.O 440018NagpurMaharashtra
Mominpura S.O 440018NagpurMaharashtra
Model Mills S.O 440018NagpurMaharashtra
Neeri S.O 440020NagpurMaharashtra
Shradhananpeth S.O 440022NagpurMaharashtra
Trimurti Nagar S.O 440022NagpurMaharashtra
Bazargaon B.O 440023NagpurMaharashtra
Dhamna B.O 440023NagpurMaharashtra
Gondkhairi B.O 440023NagpurMaharashtra
Vyahad Bzk B.O 440023NagpurMaharashtra
Waddhamna B.O 440023NagpurMaharashtra
Lava B.O 440023NagpurMaharashtra
Ayodhya Nagar S.O 440024NagpurMaharashtra
Manewada Road S.O 440024NagpurMaharashtra
Khamla S.O 440025NagpurMaharashtra
Uppalwadi S.O 440026NagpurMaharashtra
Parvati Nagar S.O 440027NagpurMaharashtra
Nadt Campus S.O 440030NagpurMaharashtra
Mahal S.O (Nagpur) 440032NagpurMaharashtra
Narsala B.O 440034NagpurMaharashtra
Pipla B.O 440034NagpurMaharashtra
Mhalginagar S.O 440034NagpurMaharashtra
Kapsi BK B.O 440035NagpurMaharashtra
Bhandewadi B.O 440035NagpurMaharashtra
Ashta B.O 441108NagpurMaharashtra
Borkhedi B.O 441108NagpurMaharashtra
Khapri B.O 441108NagpurMaharashtra
Pipra B.O 441108NagpurMaharashtra
Ridhora B.O 441108NagpurMaharashtra
Rui B.O 441108NagpurMaharashtra
Rama B.O 441108NagpurMaharashtra
Dongargaon B.O 441108NagpurMaharashtra
Bela B.O 441108NagpurMaharashtra
Bori S.O (Nagpur) 441108NagpurMaharashtra
Gumgaon B.O 441122NagpurMaharashtra